Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

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Moving your infrastructure to Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), either going all-in for the cloud or using a hybrid approach, delivers real benefits for ambitious IT departments:

Provision Windows and Linux virtual machines in minutes
Reduced management overheads
Guaranteed uptime with SLAs
Improved resilience, backup and disaster recovery
Regulatory compliance built-in
Manage cloud and on premise systems with the same tools
No upfront capital costs, pay for what you use when you use it

RedPixie specialises in helping organisations modernise their IT infrastructure by moving workloads to Azure. More importantly, we start by understanding your goals and needs and then make sure that our solutions help you meet them.

It’s not ‘your mess for less’ or ‘lift and shift’ but ‘better, faster, leaner.’

“RedPixie provided empirical evidence that we could move the traders desktop service to a data centre further away without any performance impact.

Azure IaaS use cases

Typical use cases for IaaS include:

Data centre and infrastructure modernisation
Implementing a bi-modal IT strategy

RedPixie’s PaaS solution

RedPixie can help you take advantage of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Azure PaaS. In particular, we can:
Assess the readiness of your applications for PaaS migration
Help you understand the trade-offs between PaaS and IaaS

Use Outcomes

Progressively moving your infrastructure to the cloud or supporting a hybrid model
Delivering line of business applications from the cloud
Simplifying backup, disaster recovery (DR) and regulatory compliance
Test and Development platforms

RedPixie’s IaaS solution

RedPixie can help you take advantage of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Azure IaaS. In particular, we can:
We offer a flexible menu of services to drive cloud-enabled change
Start by exploring the benefits and options for cloud in your organisation

Further Solutions

Advise on the costs of running in Azure and the likely savings and ROI
Detailed technical design and business architecture
Migration support, including application and service migration
Ensuring that you size your technology for peak consumption

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