Could PowerShell DSC Control Your Configuration Drift?

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A customer recently approached RedPixie asking for help ensuring their servers were built to a common standard, were consistently deployed and most importantly didn’t suffer configuration drift.

There are many possible solutions to managing configuration however when PowerShell V4 was released along with the Management Framework V4 in Windows Server 2012, a new feature called Desired State Configuration (DSC) was introduced. Best of all – DSC is free with Windows 2012.

Using DSC it is possible to define the “state” of a machine, then have PowerShell test to see if it’s in that state, and if required, automatically put it right. PowerShell DSC can do this with just about any setting, and it’s relatively easy to define the configuration a manageable way.

RedPixie has recently delivered the customer a solution that demonstrates the power of DSC by controlling the state of key configuration elements and ensuring they are always true. The solution works across the customers on premise and cloud deployed estates and is already demonstrating value in helping them manage and scale their development and production environments.

PowerShell DSC has proven to be robust and versatile and even works with Linux.

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