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I believe that collaboration and communication is a necessity in any business – especially considering the current pace we are moving at.

Being able to connect people and their ideas will help drive productivities and efficiencies for both users and business processes. Fundamentally being able to connect diverse areas in your business will undoubtedly accelerate your rate of innovation and ability to serve your customers and market more effectively.


The importance of change

In line with technological advancements in the communication field, such came the birth of cloud computing and big data processing. This in-turn has evolved the capabilities and expectations of businesses in view of maintaining a competitive edge.

This shift has made it essential to have real-time, scalable communication with the ability to seamlessly co-collaborate on documents – while remaining observant of the developments in the auditing process, corporate governance and compliance.

Encouraging collaboration 

When implementing a collaborative culture which is underpinned by enabling & empowering technology, I see there to be some basic adoption and behavioural aspects which organisations should consider. These include proximity, access, simplicity and integration for users, all of which are pivotal to achieving a company’s vision.

Epson’s goal is to provide tools which users want, not ones that are forced upon them. In product terms this means that they will be able to access their files, tabs and toolbars where best suits them. This could be accessed from their desktop, by touching a screen or by picking up a pen. Best of which, all without the need for specialist software or licences and in a wonderfully large format display.

Now that’s the perfect team workspace.

With this in mind Epson’s meeting room solutions provide a cost effective, user friendly collaboration system to fill this void. Mostly importantly it can be scaled across a Corporate business (enterprise or smaller) – ranging from meeting rooms to multiple workspaces.

Proof in print

This change in culture is not just a theory, I have been fortunate to have seen multiple benefits both within our own organisation as well as our customers.

Personally it has enabled me to internally drive a more customer centric sales culture by connecting and sharing my customers’ feedback/ideas right back to our engineers so we can create products, services and solutions which are tailored to the market needs.

From my customers’ perspective I have seen diverse and extensive benefits from individual user productivity and Business Process efficiencies right through to accelerating innovation, through effective sharing and collaboration.

It has quite simply helped them and their employees achieve more!


The future…

In the immediate future I believe you will see further developments in tools which are focused around touch, natural interaction and communication capabilities. This will be built on the premise of a mutual creation of hardware and software.

We’ll also see the benefits of modern technologies cornerstones in areas such as Mobile and Wearable devices – all in effort to be part of the communication and collaborative eco-system.


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