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RedPixie/Ingram Micro – The start of a journey

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At Cloudamour we see partnerships as a necessary tool to enable more users to utilise the power of the cloud and accelerate their business. As such, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Ingram Micro.

This relationship is due to the innate synergy in values between both companies: whereby we both have laser focus on developing a sustainable and reputable Cloud business. This type of mentality means that we can seamlessly work together without the stumbles of IT dogma.


A mutual vision

Our shared beliefs translate into a style of business, whereby both approaches are consultative in a aspiration for that trusted partner status. However it is not just the two companies working in silos, it is the work we can do together that creates impressive results. Of which we will be soon be releasing a mutual success story.

Ingram have been highly proactive in welcoming us in to their family and we genuinely believe they care for our growth and success.

Make not mistake this isn’t a stagnant project: we are working to become the most disruptive leaders within the cloud space.

Entertainment at Cloud Summit 2015

Let the good times role

Working with Ingram has its privileges…

We were delighted to be invited to their recent event in Barcelona [see here]. It was really good for us and we made some good connections that during a working week we would never have time for. We have already engaged with one partner!

We hope that this has been the start of a long and fruitful partnership, and we look forward to our shared future success.


» Read more about Ingram Micro.

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