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What is cloud transformation and how to embrace it [RPTV004]

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Cloud transformation has started to create cosmic waves within enterprise organisations – but why?

In this episode of PixieTV, Rob will be explaining how this topic has developed in recent years. In addition, he examines how the cloud is managed, and what this means for IT personnel.


Video transcription

Welcome to the fourth episode of PixieTV: where we’ll be passing on our industry insights in bite-size videos.

This episode follows on from our previous conversation around turning data into life-saving insights. This week our COO, Rob Neal, will be talking through his enterprise experience in cloud transformation, and how that is achieved and supported.

Rob is wholly focused on ensuring we’ve got the right people, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time, doing great work for our customers.

What is cloud transformation?

Cloud transformation is a phrase we hear a lot here at RedPixie and it works on two levels:

  1. Cloud transformation for our customers
  2. The effect that it’s having on us as an organisation

Firstly, back in 2014/2015, most of our enterprise and corporate customers were just opening up to the public cloud and understanding how that fits in with their IT strategy.

Moving forwards to 2017, we’re now helping those very same customers put business-critical production workloads into the cloud.

That shift requires the customers to think about things in a very different way as well.

They need to:

  • Learn new skills
  • Put new operational models in place
  • Think about organisational structure
  • Consider risks

With all of these bundling together as part of migrating to the cloud. Hence the value in bringing in an IT partner like RedPixie.

What does cloud transformation look like?

Designing and implementing IaaS and PaaS base cloud solutions has led to an acceptance within our client base that these services are remote – they’re anonymous.

You no longer need to wonder into data centres and look at racks or cages full of equipment. Such acceptance of remoteness has also changed the way in which our customers interact with us.

Cloud transformation enabling remote work

Historically, within our professional services, we’ve always worked on a ratio of two people to one desk. The expectation was that our consultants would be out on client sites, spending large tracks of time working alongside client teams to implement solutions.

In the last 12 to 18 months, we’ve seen that changed.

The same acceptance that clients have had around the remoteness of their data centres, and the capability they provide, has also led to an expectation that we will deliver more projects from our own premises.

So, right now, we’re operating more around the ratio of one to one. Whilst on some days, when we have customers come in, to work alongside our client teams it is even greater than that.

This dynamic requires a change in thinking and planning from an office-based perspective.

Managing cloud transformation

Customers who’ve embraced cloud transformation no longer need to worry about the plumbing associated with managing and running data centres.

They don’t need to worry about capacity – and this has really freed them up to think about how they run their business. In addition, they can focus on innovating and winning the battle of digital transformation.

This change equally means that they’re happy to consider companies like RedPixie managing that cloud infrastructure for them.

As such, when we have worked to design and implement infrastructure, we always now offer the opportunity to run that for them.

RedPixie’s managed services

I’m really proud of our managed service capability that we’ve built in South Africa.

Our offices in Cape Town are providing a wide range of managed service for our clients. They’re doing a really great job and we’ve had some fantastic feedback.

We’ve extended the office by 100% in the last six months out there, with the capability to take on more space when we need it. In addition, our team out there is growing at an equal rate.


In summary, cloud transformation is having a real impact on our customers and on RedPixie.

When this business started seven years ago, the cloud was something that people were suspicious of, and just starting to get their head around. Now, cloud transformation is very much in the spotlight with businesses forced to adapt.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on cloud transformation within enterprise IT. Stay tuned for more videos – if you feel compelled, feel free to subscribe on YouTube.

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Written by Rob Neal | COO, RedPixie | See his LinkedIn Profile

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