Cloud – The Times Really Are a Changing

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About 2 years ago I wrote an article about called “the times they are a changin”. Dylan fans will recognise the song title I pinched to headline this article but anyone that read the article might remember my musings about the seismic shift I was feeling in the IT industry around the transition to cloud computing. I could feel it all rumbling beneath my feet but couldn’t quite measure a material shift within the enterprise customer base RedPixie typically serve, nor could I measure it first hand in RedPixie business terms.

Well now I can…

2 years on here are some first-hand RedPixie facts that are interesting:

• Every single customer that RedPixie has actively engaged with in the last nine months has been justified in putting public, private or hybrid cloud at the centre of their data centre transformation plans
• Cloud based engagements are now over 60% of RedPixie’s business. Wind the clock back 3 or 4 years and that would have been around 5-10%. Back then we helped customers with data centre and cloud strategy but it’s taken until now for that strategic direction to turn into reality within our customers businesses
• Right now 80% of our active customer engagements are involved with designing & engineering cloud solutions or migrating to cloud. This is a trend that we expect to continue
• There are numerous strategy documents and infrastructure designs heading to clients as I write this article and 100% of these have a heavy emphasis on PaaS and IaaS cloud architecture.

What’s caused this…

I think this is down to a few key things:

• Each of our clients have a clear business case and quantifiable business benefit to cloud adoption as part of the I.T roadmap
• Microsoft have dominated the enterprise market for a long time (e.g. Directory, Mail, Desktops, Servers, Management platforms) and have executed at a mind blowing pace in bringing enterprise targeted cloud solutions to the market
• The economy is in a better place than it has been for five to six years and there is more budget now being allocated to strategic/transformational business change
• Smart phones and tablets are now everywhere with most people in the first world owning multiple devices and this change in workforce mobility drives demand for accessible cloud services and self-service capabilities
• RedPixie has established a strong and enviable reputation for defining and implementing cloud based architecture within the SME and Enterprise space which has led us to put our cloud practice at the centre of everything else we do.

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