Case Study: Monogram Digital goes to the Cloud

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Case Study: Monogram Digital goes to the Cloud

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By Jake, Marketing | April 16, 2012

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As a digital design and development business Monogram Digital has plenty of technical expertise in house. But, as director Colin Hayward points out, this is expertise he wants to deploy in working on customer projects and meeting deadlines, not worrying about email uptime, complex disaster recovery policies and backups. After consulting with Cloudamour, that’s exactly how Monogram Digital now operates.

When Monogram Digital approached Cloudamour it was suffering from some typical IT issues for a company of its size. The business was using a Linux based email server which, although reliable and regularly backed up, would occasionally crash. Such an event would mean a server reboot at best and a complete rebuild at worst, sometimes creating hours of downtime with emails bouncing and customers calling in as a result.

Not only did an email server crash mean lost email and customer confusion, it also meant disruption for staff who would need to deal with additional telephone calls and broken lines of communication, diverting their time away from the tasks in hand. In a business where project scheduling is a fine art and deadlines are critical, this was an additional and unnecessary strain.

Cloudamour analysed Monogram Digital’s IT usage and made recommendations about switching to the cloud, as well as proposing a managed service. After a slick and swift migration process the result has been 100% uptime, less worry and a new, fast and flexible way of accessing email and documents that the staff love! As Colin says “Company email and document storage solutions are things that I just want to work without having to think about them. Cloudamour made this happen for us – they’ve been brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone.”

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