Be on Cloud Nine: 5 ways you can make the most of the cloud

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If you are planning to finally shift your enterprise’s IT operations to the cloud, you may be interested to know some of the ways in which you can maximise its worth for your own organisation, so that you can truly reach ‘Cloud Nine’.

1. Adjust for seasonality

Not only does Microsoft Azure have the capability to expand for when you need it to at certain times of the year, you also only ever pay for what you need. Gone are the days when organisations were forced to buy lots of servers, in view of only using them for a short period of the year.

This puts your business in a comfortable position, enabling it to triple in size over the space of a few years if it so wishes, without the need to cautiously monitor its cloud usage.

2. Invest in innovation

Previously, the landscape was one where few companies could apply innovation. Today, the ability to invest in innovation is firmly in your company’s grasp.

In the new cloud age, your business in the position of being able to generate ideas, spin up some servers and immediately get to work – a freedom that has narrowed the previous void between SMBs and enterprises.

3. Get great staff, from wherever

Companies that utilise the cloud enjoy great pulling power in staff recruitment and retention, due to their ability to give employees the tools to achieve their potential.

If your organisation is able to demonstrate such features, you may be able to attract candidates that you previously considered to be above your budget, due to the opportunity that you give them to enhance and add value to their working lives.

Such an approach depends, however, on your company being sufficiently liberal, having a willingness to take on remote workers and put the tools in place to enable staff communication across walls.

Once the innate stigma of home working is taken out of the equation, such factors as traffic, health and means of working are no longer issues. Through the ability to hire global staff, you can enhance your business’s 24 hour capabilities.

4. Keep continually up to date

Another great advantage of being in the cloud is the constant stream of thoroughly tested updates that many of the leading providers apply automatically.

By taking advantage of such well-prepared updates, you can heavily reduce the incidence of viruses that may otherwise result from forgetting to download the latest versions of your vital software.

The cloud gives you the capability to receive such updates quickly and remotely, avoiding the need for anyone to conduct manual work on one of your employees’ PCs – and therefore disrupt their productivity.

5. Undertake minimal or more efficient training

Another real benefit of the cloud is the ability that it gives users to come into a given project or setting and immediately start using software that is fairly native to them, or that can already be confidently used by someone working closely with them.

This avoids the problem of various versions of a product being distributed, where there is no unified means to work.

How is your own enterprise making the most of the cloud, and what factors do you think businesses need to take into account for their typical cloud migration?

Written by Jake Chody | Marketing Manager, Cloudamour |  Follow Jake on Twitter | See his LinkedIn Profile

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