Award winning recruiters go global with Office 365

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Award winning recruiters go global with Office 365

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By Jake, Marketing | November 1, 2013

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Eutopia is a leading provider of consulting and human capital solutions to the global technology and telecommunications industry. We have offices in the UK, Middle East and South Africa and to date, we’ve placed over 2,200+ talented individuals into senior commercial and technology roles in more than 70 countries.

We’ve built our strong market leadership position through an absolute commitment to customer results and long term relationships. We’re a partnership-focused rather than transactional business and, as a core team of 25, we serve a small group of long-term clients. We’re passionate about being technology-enabled to keep us at the forefront of our market. Having local presence in each of the countries we serve is also an important part of achieving that. Over the next 18 months, we have an ambitious expansion plan to double the size of the business and increase our presence in existing and newly emerging markets.

Early in 2013, we took the decision to move our business onto Office 365. Prior to that, we’d had a typically traditional IT environment; racks in a third-party data centre and a terminal server for remote access. As the business expanded and grew overseas, our IT environment became more and more unreliable and costly. Our international teams, in the Middle East and Africa, and individuals who traveled regularly, experienced the biggest issues. It was often hard to connect to the terminal server; when we were connected, speeds weren’t good and it was hard to pull down content. There were increasing incidents of server outages and any IT support issues arising overseas often incurred inflated ‘out of hours’ support fees due to differences in time zones and working days. The whole situation was extremely frustrating and was starting to affect our performance and credibility.

The catalyst for change came when we won a new contract with a large Sovereign Wealth Fund in Abu Dhabi. We resourced the project team to build them a Microsoft private cloud environment. It exposed us to the latest Microsoft tools and products and when we asked the consultants how we should address our own challenges, they all said Office 365! They showed us Lync and SharePoint and we were amazed and excited by what we saw. The scalability of the service was impressive and the cost per head was phenomenal, compared to what we were spending at that point.

Cloud technology specialist, Cloudamour, helped us build an Office 365 solution that would be scalable and straightforward; we didn’t want servers and complicated networks. It had to be easy to manage, easy to support, cost effective and flexible enough to adapt to our changeable industry conditions. We looked at other cloud solutions but the closest comparison from Google just wasn’t robust enough. A Microsoft solution gave us a smooth transition with no complexity for the users.

Moving to Office 365 is directly saving us over £4,000 per month, cutting out datacentre hosting costs, equipment leasing, hardware to manage the environment, and an expensive support contract. We’ve reduced our licensing costs and being able to plan for business growth using an ‘IT cost per head‘ model brings immense value. Cloudamour provide us with a first-class support service, levering Windows Intune, with ‘out of hours’ capability if we have an urgent issue; but it’s fair to say with Office 365 issues are few and far between. They have proven to be a very valuable business partner; their knowledge and responsiveness is something we’ve never experienced as an SME.

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