App of the Month – Trello

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App of the Month – Trello

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By Jake, Marketing | December 5, 2013

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With analysts estimating from 56 to 82 billion downloads of apps in 2013 rising up to 200 billion in 2017, how do you know which are the ones to try?  As we live in the Cloud, we thought it was time for us to start recommending some of our favourites, starting with Trello.

What is Trello?  Trello is a project and task management tool, with both desktop and mobile versions available.  It has a really user friendly interface, making it very simple and quick to learn.

For those ‘old school’ users out there, think of it a bit like a good old fashioned binder.  You have a different folder for each project (these are known as ‘boards’ on Trello).  You then have sections (known as lists), where you can segment your tasks into easily viewable sections.  Finally come the individual actions (cards) which have the details of each task to be done.

Not only are these great for any to-do list or project you have, it gets really powerful when you collaborate.  You can share whole boards, or just assign individual cards to other users, in real time, and get updates from them when tasks are completed.

Trello also allows you to add deadlines, checklists, images and attachments to keep everything you need about a project in one place.

Our verdict – we couldn’t live without it!

You can find out more here

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