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By Andy, Sales | November 27, 2014

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My experiences –
I joined Cloudamour in November 2013 and have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the latest and greatest technology.

My job title entails many different roles. These are dealing with the day to day quoting and logistics, to the sales meetings and calls that are essential to any sales person. When I first arrived at Cloudamour, I brought along a notepad – like many of you reading this, my notepad accompanied me wherever I went. I managed to fill two A4 sized notepads within my first four months. Not only was I unable to share any of my notes with my colleagues without ripping out the pages, I also forgot what I had written down. There was also no way of me searching for a previous note, other than to flick through each page to find what I was looking for which then became a laborious task.

The greatest note taking software!
I was then introduced to OneNote and have never looked back. With OneNote, all of those issues have been resolved. I have a very organised date formatting system, a look-up system and a sharing system – meaning I will never touch a notepad again!

OneNote is a program for information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It allows users to handwrite or type, draw or screen capture and even add audio notes. Its initial release was November of 2003 and has come a long way in the development of a great note taking platform for all ages and users.

For those of you who don’t know, OneNote is a cloud based program. This means I am able to access it wherever and whenever I want. If I’m on a train, on a boat, in the car or in the office, if I’m working from a laptop, a desktop computer, Microsoft surface or a mobile phone, I can still access all of my notes, and you will be able to do the same! The collaboration is incredible. A note can be written at any time, and instantly will be available to view and edit on another device. This is extremely useful for when I have written something important on my laptop, and need to access it quickly on my phone. Adding other users to a ‘notepad’ is also very useful, it means I can share important notes with other people, and edit accordingly.

Why OneNote?
There are many great applications out at the moment, these include Salesforce which is a cloud based CRM system, Trello, which is a project and task management tool and Hootsuite, which is a social media management system for brand management. However, OneNote is my favourite at the moment. This is because of its individual special features that make it extremely easy to use. I often find myself trying to use many different note taking platforms, in which all are very bland and very dull. OneNote is very different! For example, if you are someone who loves to make lists and work down them to feel the overall accomplishment as I do, OneNote is for you. OneNote has a check list capability which allows you to tick off completed tasks so you are able to stay on top of everything.

The ability to handwrite or draw with the Microsoft Surface pen, or your own finger allows for easy use and collaboration with all involved which is especially great when you need to jot quick notes down and share them with friends and colleagues.

Your thoughts…
Cloudamour focuses on bringing the latest and greatest software to all of its clients in order to make the end user happy! OneNote is a note taking platform that we have been pushing for a while now as we feel it is a great help to all users.

Our verdict – We amour it!

So if you are already using OneNote, let us know your thoughts! If you think there is something better, we would love to hear about it.

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