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A day in the life

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A day in the life

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By Andy, Sales | February 3, 2015

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Hi. My name is Ross and I am part of the sales team at Cloudamour. Every day I learn something new, whether it is related to technology or my lack of music knowledge pre the 2000s! Or that sea otters hold hands when they sleep to keep them from drifting apart.

Don’t worry, my day is busier than it seems – see below an average day for me:

Time Icon7:00am First things first, I wake up to the not so pleasant sound of my alarm. I then check my emails before I have even wiped the sleep away from my eyes. I scan through Twitter and LinkedIn to see the latest posts and announcements in the technology and jump into them if they are appropriate.

Time Icon7:20am Whilst enjoying my breakfast, I ask my personal assistant Cortana about my appointments and the traffic conditions for the day ahead. This has become a daily ritual as she has helped me in so many desperate times!

Time Icon8:30am When I arrive at the office, I continue to work on the proposal for a client and share it with everyone who needs to be involved.

Time Icon2:00pm 9 times out of 10, someone will phone my direct dial at the office just as I am about to head out to a meeting, so I will quickly transfer the call from my PC to my mobile using Lync. Once again I ask my friendly assistant for the train times in order to get to my next meeting.

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2:30pm Whilst on the train I start working on my Microsoft Surface and scan through the proposal to ensure I am up to date.

Time Icon3:00pm Upon reaching the client, I open my Surface Pro 3 and project the proposal onto the boardroom monitor. Of course, a meeting isn’t a meeting without a live demo – so I seamlessly bring my colleague into a Lync call.

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4:30pm Feeling social, I share a status on Yammer about the recent release of Windows 10.

Time Icon5:15pm I then return to the office and complete any remaining tasks, ending with my journey home.

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10:00pm Once in bed, I have one last check of my emails and finally have some shut eye!

I know for a fact that not every single business user is able to continue to work on the train or someone else’s office. With Office 365, you can.

Where do you stand? 

How do you use technology to enhance your day?

Does technology allow you to do what you want to?

What is your favourite device?


We’d love to hear your views on this.

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