7 questions we are asked about the Cloud

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There are some common misconceptions about the Cloud, so we decided to list the seven most commonly asked questions we receive relating to the Cloud.

1. Are there security risks with the Cloud?

Like with any information that resides on the Internet there are risks. However have you considered that your office based information is actually on the Internet as it is connected to your Broadband/Leased Line? Be assured that the security that Microsoft, Google and other Cloud providers use will be significantly greater then you could ever afford within your office.

2. What is the downtime when migrating?

The beauty of most Cloud solutions is that we can migrate you whilst you continue to use your existing systems. This means that there is zero downtime or impact on your business. The move will typically mean that your users will be unaware of the switch.

3. Is Cloud more expensive that my current system?

The Cloud is by far a more cost effective way to run your IT. Below are some of the headlines as to why a Cloud solution WILL save you money

  • No need to buy resource hungry servers
  • No requirements to buy expensive licensing
  • Your support costs are reduced
  • Your uptime is significantly enhanced
  • Users will always have latest versions of software
  • IT Costs are turned in to OpEx as opposed to CapEx
  • Cloud services typically give a 65% saving versus traditional on premise solutions!

4. How do I know if I can move my IT to the Cloud?

We have a team of Cloud specialists that will sit down with you and discuss your business and IT and will then create a feasability case for you. This study will identify what elements of your network can be moved to the Cloud and at what cost.

5. What happens if my Internet goes down?

This is a very common question and the answer is a simple one. In a traditional server environment if your Internet connection failed you would lose access to all new emails but still have access to your historical ones. However if your email was in the Cloud not only would you have access to your historical email on your PC/Laptop but your new emails would still arrive on your phone as it will use your 3G connection. For us this is a killer app and one of the biggest appeals of the Cloud.

6. Do I pay more if I use Cloudamour?

Absolutely not, the ONLY price you pay is the published price from the specific vendor. Our business model is not to make money on selling you products! We make our money by you paying us to make your business more efficient, more productive and more reliable.

7. Which Cloud provider do you recommend?

We pride ourselves on being vendor independent. Unlike other IT providers, we are not tied to just Microsoft or Google. We take the time to understand your business and its requirements and we advise you of the best provider both in terms of perfomance and cost. 

The Cloud is not only the future, it’s very much present and with over 45 million businesses using it, it’s by no means new technology. 

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