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Having flown to Microsoft Ignite in Chicago, I had a front row seat to the latest and greatest news. Ignite clearly detailed Microsoft’s plans for the future, and the areas where you are likely to feel the most benefits.

I have broken the announcements into our top 5, though there were many more:

5) Azure DNS (Domain Name System)

Microsoft have (finally!) introduced their Azure product for DNS. DNS is the backbone of the internet that allows you to translate a hostname (eg to an IP address (eg Azure DNS promises to be highly redundant & resilient (utilising all of their datacenters and knowledge on making an infrastructure that lasts) as well as super-quick, with changes taking just moments to propagate internally.

4) Further developments to the Azure platform

Microsoft brings new features to Azure nearly every week, and Ignite was certainly no exception. The new portal has been supercharged and many features have been introduced or developed. For example, you can now have a button on a website that automatically carries out an entire automation script on Azure! The ‘behind the systems’ functionality has also been greatly improved with huge networking developments which will allow Azure to fit scenarios where it was difficult before.

3) ATP (Advanced Threat Protection)

Anyone who has an email account will know the dangers of having constant spam & phishing emails delivered. While the protection against the threat is constantly evolving, so is the threat itself.

ATP is Microsoft’s way of staying ahead of the attackers. This will introduce two features to ensure that any malicious attachments are detected and removed before they hit the user (even if the antivirus is not yet aware of its existence) and to ensure that users are warned if they are about to click on a phishing link. Both features promise to make security on Office 365 as incredible as the platform itself.

“So I’m going to walk you through pretty much just demos of these three things and why end users are going to love Windows 10 in your companies.  So let me come right over here and get started with a demo.”Joe Belfiore: Ignite 2015

2) Azure RMS (Rights Management Service)

Azure RMS is Microsoft’s cloud-based IRM (Information Rights Management) service. It allows you to lock down individual documents and ensure that they are only opened on your terms. For example, you can share a document with a partner but not allow them to edit or print it. Then, if you decide not to do business with them, you can revoke their access and they will immediately lose access to the file. As well as this, the activity is logged so you can easily track if someone’s trying to do something they shouldn’t!

1) Windows 10’s Cortana improvements

If you haven’t already, you need to check out Joe Belfiore’s keynote. It had already been announced that Cortana would come with Windows 10, but what we didn’t know was the rich integration that she would have with other apps. Joe demonstrated how Cortana can look up data using Power BI to answer questions and display data based on factors. This will put data at your fingertips (or your voice if you’re talking to her!)


This is just 5 of our many favourite features, but we would love to hear what you think.

– What did you think of Microsoft Ignite?

– What Microsoft developments are you excited about?

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