5 reasons why every business should use the cloud

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Does your organisation still see ‘the cloud’ as a mere irrelevant buzzword? Perhaps, amid its rapid evolution, you have simply been biding your time before making use of cloud services.

Whatever your company and whatever its size, status or industry, here are five benefits that the cloud can bring to every business.

1. Scalability and versatility

In a world that is full of ‘on demand’ services, the cloud makes perfect sense for businesses concerned with how they will cope if they need to alter the scale of their IT systems.

With the cloud, it takes potentially just a few minutes to completely change your IT infrastructure. Whatever your firm’s current or anticipated requirements, the cloud can adapt to them with ease.

Example: use Microsoft Azure to quickly create websites and adapt to any seasonal changes in your needs.

2. Accessibility from anywhere

Today’s international economy – less fixed to the ‘9 to 5’ or even dedicated physical workspaces – demands solutions that are tailor-made for remote working.

The cloud is most certainly that. Your staff can be so much more efficient and productive when they can access your organisation’s software, email or other data from literally anywhere with an Internet connection.

By leaving most of the processing to be performed by a cloud server you can utilise the capabilities and further increase the relevance of mobile computing to modern working life.

Example: With Office 365’s OneDrive you can get access to your document on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PC. This means that you are no longer stuck to your desk!

3. Empowering employees

We understand that the most important asset to a company is their staff, and with the cloud you can be assured that they will be able to increase their productivity rather than being dragged down. Many people will find alternatives if they do not have the tools they want, so in unifying everyone through the cloud, you can have far greater control over what happens.

However this isn’t just words, we have seen the cloud gain employees over 10 hours a week through working efficiently, read an example here:

Not so great security

4. Improved security

With the leading cloud computing providers adhering to such best practices as the utmost physical security at data centres and the strongest levels of password protection, jumping into the cloud need not imperil your company’s data – quite the opposite, in fact.

This means that you are able to focus resources of building the future, rather than worrying about legacy. With Microsoft’s (product specific)* 99.99% uptime guarantee, you can keep on working, and outpace the competition.

Example: ensure your companies security with the trustworthy, Microsoft Intune.

5. Lower costs

With the cost involved in your IT system, you should ensure that you put your money in the future, rather than maintaining the past. Spending incorrectly is a financial burden that can rapidly become obsolete, necessitating yet more expenditure.

Choose the cloud, with its off-site IT resources and applications, and your firm will only pay for the services that it uses. We like to think of it as investing in innovations rather than installations.


That’s all folks

We would love to hear your thoughts on the cloud, hopefully more good than bad 🙂

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* Read here:

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    Cloud technology is very important and I think every company should use it. Thanks for those reasons.

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