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2 months at RedPixie: my experience so far

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Tuesday 7th April, my first day at Cloudamour. I was told to leave my trusty notepad and pen behind and handed a Microsoft Surface to use as my working tool from then on. This way of thinking was a great indication of what was to come!

From day one I have felt the warmth within the company as a whole and after such a short time I am already a convert to their way of working. We really do pride ourselves on being a #modernbiz.


The team: Cloudamour truly believe in their staff and know how to get the best out of them. Everyone works really closely together, regardless of team or position. This approach is inviting and welcoming, but also brings great results (see the team).

Everyone in the office is happy and outgoing and it is a great environment to work in, which means I never feel afraid to ask a question, which coming from a completely untechnical background is often!

Setting a high bar: We have incredibly high standards in everything we do, and therefore think of ourselves as more of a concierge service than your normal every day IT Company. This ideology runs throughout Cloudamour, so that when you partner with us, you are buying into a vision and as such effectively taking on 25 new IT managers who are always on hand to help.

An event to remember: I was lucky enough to recently be involved with our Spring event at Lord’s Cricket Ground – ‘Choose Your Path’. As someone who is new to our industry, I found this event very informative, echoing the thoughts of customers and prospective clients who attended. The event had lots to talk about, such as a wonderful tour, however it was primarily a great insight into the future of business practices. It was equally amazing to see how respected and valued we are in the IT industry.

Me welcoming attendees at Lord’s

Utilising the cloud

The rapid increase in accessibility and uptake of the cloud has created remarkable benefits for our clients. Through visiting them in their own environment it is very apparent that they are truly embracing the new technologies and solutions in place.

It isn’t just the company’s infrastructure that improves, more importantly the people within those organisations. As an example, one of our recent clients, Romax, has seen great increases to the mobility of its staff. This has meant that their MD, Robin Sumner now gains over 10 hours a week through productively working on the train. As time is such a limited resource, this has completely evolved his output, and the business has reaped those rewards.

This form of user adoption really transforms solutions and largely increases working capabilities.


Keeping pace with change: With the ever changing benefits of the cloud, we place great importance on being at the forefront of new developments. As such I am constantly undertaking training modules, webinars and much more – in doing so I have now completed 7 Microsoft Competencies with many more in the wings (see more details on my LinkedIn Profile).

For our clients, this creates an ever evolving service so they can get better products, and receive more company benefits.



Had you asked me two months ago about my fondness for work I would have answered with an awkward silence and funny look.

If you ask me today, the answer is yes!

The atmosphere in the office is always amazing. Work is busy but people still manage to have fun and enjoy themselves. It has changed my view on work and I am very proud to say I work for Cloudamour!

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Do you also enjoy your job?

What is your relationship with Cloudamour?

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