10 reasons you definitely should not move to the Cloud

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10 reasons you definitely should not move to the Cloud

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By Jake, Marketing | April 17, 2014

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Are you looking for a reason not to adopt Cloud software solutions for your business? Here are our top 10 reasons why you definitely shouldn’t move to the Cloud.

1. You don’t want new software that runs faster, does more or is easier to use like you would get from a Cloud service provider. Your users really hate changes – especially those that will make their jobs easier.

2. Money is no object so your business can afford to buy new hardware every 3 years, a cycle that the Cloud could help break. You can even cope with frequent drops in productivity as your staff reacquaints themselves with their new computers and software.

3. You’ve already spent ages understanding how software licensing works and you quite enjoy performing relatively frequent upgrades. You certainly aren’t interested in cutting costs or obtaining free upgrades as part of a manageable, recurring license fee for Cloud services.

4. You enjoy being interrupted whilst on holiday to be alerted of onsite server outages that require your immediate attention because it makes your boss appreciate you. Who needs to switch off anyway? If really needed personal downtime, you would choose a high-availability Cloud service.

5. You don’t need mobility solutions because when your staff are out of the office, they have no need to work. And you certainly see no reason to make it easier for your sales staff to access customer data when on the road. Your products and services are so good that they sell themselves, right? So no need to make information available any place, any time using the Cloud.

6. Losing data isn’t that important and you can always revert to last months backup if you have to. Assuming the backup tape worked this time. Someone can always retype the lost information if the worst comes to the worst. And you’re confident in ignoring any obligations under the Data Protection Act. Thus enterprise class backup routines used by Cloud providers are unnecessary.

7. Your business will still survive without the Internet and your customers will completely understand if you don’t contact them for 2-3 days. There will always be another opportunity to make a sale, or pacify any angry client. Those 100% uptime guarantees from Cloud providers are just overkill.

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  • 8. The computer systems at your head office work perfectly. The problem is actually your users at remote sites who simply do not understand IT, which is why they complain about the speed of the network. They just need to be a bit more patient, because good things come to those who wait. The fact that data stored in the Cloud is quicker to access because it doesn’t have to pass through head office first is irrelevant.

    9. Your business doesn’t need to adopt any technical innovations because it is too small to properly benefit. Besides, everything you use has worked reasonably well for the last 30 years, so why change it now? The enhanced security and data availability provided by the latest Cloud technologies are of no interest.

    10. Troubleshooting complex network outages is the best part of your job. So why would you want to give up spending your weekends locked in a server room trying to guess what has failed on the network? The improved up-time of Cloud services will deprive you of this enjoyable part of your job.

    But then, if any of these 10 reasons is a genuine business pain, perhaps it’s time to reconsider the Cloud.

Now its your turn

What reasons do you have not to move to the cloud?

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