10 Data Twitter Accounts to follow

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Unsure of the 10 top data Twitter accounts? We hear you.

With over 310M active users, the good ones are hard to find. So here’s a collection of RedPixie’s top 10 data Twitter accounts – a mix of individuals and well-known companies. Let us know which are your favourites, or which ones we are missing!

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@BigDataGal – Bringing data literacy to the masses ⚛ Get data literate $ Command higher wages ☝ Move up the ladder

Jaime Fitzgerald

@jaimefitzgerald – Creator of methods that turn data into results @fitzanalytics. Author/speaker/dad. #CIO @SquareRootsLife #analytics #datascience for #socialgood

Kirk Borne

@kirkdborne – The Principal Data Scientist at @BoozAllen, PhD Astrophysicist, ♡ Data Science, Top Big Data Influencer. Ex-Professor

Aylee Nielsen

@AyleeNielsen – Digital storyteller @IBM, perfecting the art of shareability. Connoisseur of big data, analytics, marketing, communications & sustainability *tweets = mine*


@Kaggle – The world’s largest community of data scientists. Join us to compete, collaborate, learn, and share your work.

Svetlana Sicular

@sve_sic – Gartner analyst and myself.


@jameskobielus – CIBM Big Data Evangelist; Sr Prog Dir, Mktg, BD Analytics; Team Lead, Technical Marketing, IBM BD&A Hub. Tweets are mine & don’t represent my employer’s opinion.

Jonathan Woodward

@JLWoodward – Driving #DataCulture in a Mobile First, Cloud First, Data Driven World – Lead for BI & Analytics at MSFT UK, but tweets are my own. #Analytics #BI #DataScience

Gregory Piatetsky

@kdnuggets – KDnuggets President, #Analytics, #BigData, #DataMining, #DataScience expert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, was Chief Scientist at 2 startups, part-time philosopher.

Tony Baer

@TonyBaer – IT analyst with Ovum covering Big Data & data management with some systems engineering thrown in. Views stated here are my own.


Have we missed out some important ones? Comment below.

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