The 10 biggest data breaches and their causes

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Data breaches remain one of the biggest pains of small and large organisations across the world. Here in the UK alone, 2015 saw another increase in the number of security breaches, with 90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses suffering one, according to the HM Government and PwC 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey.

Whichever of those two categories your own organisation falls into, the highest possible standard of data security is vital.

The loss of critical data relating to clients, employees and payments doesn’t just leave your organisation with what may be the almost impossible task to replace it – your business could be put at even greater risk if such data gets into the wrong hands.

Data breaches continuing to affect companies

These are all factors that you may wish to bear in mind as you sift through our below infographic covering 10 of the biggest data breaches of recent times and how they arose. Invaluable corporate data can be lost and leaked through all manner of means, ranging from configuration errors and accidental publication to lost or stolen computers and media and good old-fashioned hacking.

Nor is there exactly any limit to the breadth of sectors that are at risk, with the last few years alone having seen high-profile security breaches for such organisations as Anthem, MySpace, eBay, JP Morgan Chase and AOL.

Quite frankly, every organisation – whether in the academic, banking, financial, government, tech, retail or another sector – has to give serious thought to data security and apply serious measures to match.

Our revealing infographic shows the scale of the risk

The more one learns about the various well-publicised security breaches to have struck even the best thought-of organisations, the clearer it becomes that they can occur through the most unexpected means, in the most unexpected of circumstances and with the most unexpected of consequences.

Just one breach for Securus Technologies, for example, saw the records of more than 70 million phone calls leaked, while Sony Pictures lost 100 terabytes of data amounting to potentially every piece of data held by the company, including unreleased films and scripts, employee social security numbers, health check results and salaries.

Even the famously robust Apple was the subject of a major security breach back in March 2012, albeit an indirect one. Following the hacking group AntiSec’s claim that it had hacked an FBI laptop containing a file of over 12 million Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs), the app developer BlueToad was found to be the source of the breach.

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Not only does our infographic cover the 10 biggest data breaches and what caused them, but it also details the most common causes of such breaches and even the industries in which they most commonly occur.

So, what are the measures that your organisation can take right now to minimise its chances of becoming another statistic among the many sorry ones surrounding data breaches?

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